Tuesday, February 16, 2010


For Valentine's Day this Year we decided to spend it as a family. We usually do something special for each other, but this year our "LOVE" encompassed everyone!! Unfortunately Aspen was sick, so we left her home with Grandma. (THANKS MOM) Although our family didn't feel complete, we gave our love to her then went and had a BLAST! It was a complete suprize to the kids. We packed their stuff when they were sleeping and loaded the car. They thought we were just going to a special lunch pretty far away. Just before we got to Flagstaff they started to see snow and begged us to stop and play in it. We told them after lunch. We stopped at Crackerbarrel and told them we had finally arrived. We told them this was the best food in the whole world which is why we drove so far. You should have heard them... "OH WOW... This really is the best food ever. This tastes so good!" It was so cute. They graciously thanked us for the wonderful lunch then seemed bummed about the drive home. We found our Hotel and I said to Tony, "Why don't I run inside that building and ask where we can play in the snow?" I checked in and told Tony where to park. We told the kids we had to cross through this big building to get to the place where we can play in the snow. While we were in the hallway where our suite was, I said, "Lets just see if any of these are open. Try the handles." The kids were trying to open the doors and Tony quickly slipped the key in and opened our suite. He yelled, "This one is open, HURRY and get in!" The kids ran inside and then quickly started saying things like I don't feel good about this, Let's get out of here, Dad I'm scared. They started to cry and whine and then we told them the truth. They didnt believe us at first but then were so excited!! It was such a fun weekend! Here are some pictures. I hope you all had a WONDERFUL VALENTINE'S DAY and were showered in LOVE!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I can't belive it is December 2nd and I have to turn on my AC in the afternoon still!! Instead of wishing it was cold today, I decided to take the kids to the park and take some pictures of them in "Park" mode. We grabbed 2 of their cousins Zach and Noah on the way. Enjoy them being rough and tough and dirty. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My babies are 7 and 5!!!!

Today both my older girls (probably for the last time together) celebrated their 7th and 5th year Birthday!! Sooooo much fun and I am exhausted. Thank you all the girls that came and for those that helped. Sheesh.... these things are a lot of work. However, we are now done with Birthday's until next August! From August to December is not only ALL the super fun super busy holidays, but all 6 of our birthdays!! Makes for a VERY busy last 4 months! Enjoy the pictures!